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BOMBitUP is a popular application for Android smartphones that can be used to send bulk messages. Besides being a prank app, it can be used to accomplish a range of tasks, including marketing, promotion, and so on, making it popular among people.

Disclaimer: BOMBitUP is created to use for fun. Please use it with responsibility and don’t use it for revenge. We will not be responsible for any kind of misconduct.
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What is BOMBitUP Apk?

BOMBitUP is an Android application created by a developer named RomReviewer to serve the sole purpose – to help you pull pranks on your friends, families, and loved ones. The app allows you to send hundreds or even thousands of spam messages like account creation, subscription renewal, and so on to the phone number you will provide. As a result, your friends’ numbers will get bombarded with all these messages, making them annoyed.

The best part is that the app is free, with no hidden charges, fees, or anything else. Since all these messages will be sent from the official websites of services like Swiggy, Zomato, Rummy Circle, etc., you can even take the prank further by sitting beside your friend and telling them their phone has been compromised. Doing so will make the prank more serious, allowing you to have more fun.

Why Use BOMBitUP?

BOMBitUP actually works. Most other SMS bombing applications you will find online don’t even work; even if they work, you cannot rely on them. They offer very uneven performance, leading to the possibility of ruining your pranks. Besides, I have found that other SMS bombers, such as SMS Blast or TXT Blast, ask you to provide access to your files and other crucial areas.

These permissions are unnecessary for such apps, leading to the potential risk of data breaches and security issues. BOMBitUP doesn’t want any additional permissions except the necessary ones. This ensures that the app can be trusted regarding privacy and security.

Features of BOMBitUP App

Although the app is mainly known for its reliability and trust, it is a feature-packed solution. It provides many unique features that are unavailable in most of its alternatives.

Open-Source Code

BOMBitUP is an open-source project developed by RomReviewer. If you are unaware of the terminology, open-source projects keep their code open for anyone to test, rework, and use. Because of this, the project stays completely free to use, receives regular updates, and is safe from privacy or security-related issues.

No Malicious Ads

One of the reasons it ranks amongst the top SMS Bombers for Android is that it doesn’t enable any malicious pop-up advertisements. This app was solely developed for fun and to help people pull pranks. For the same reason, the developer decided not to monetize the application using any bad monetization method.

SMS Bomber

SMS Bomber is the core functionality of the BOMBitUP app. It allows you to send an enormous amount of messages to any phone number of your choice. The messages the recipient will receive will come from legitimate sources such as Swiggy, Zomato, Rummy Circle, etc. Some messages may get marked as Spam on a few devices and go to the Spam folder.

Call Bomber

Like the SMS bomber, the Call Bomber functionality allows you to send regular spam calls to any number you choose within a specified period. The catch is that the dialer will most likely mark these calls as Spam, but they will surely keep your friends busy. However, this Call Bomber feature has a repeated call function that allows you to automatically dial and execute calls on any given number from your phone without human intervention.

WhatsApp Bomber

WhatsApp Bomber is the most gruesome feature the app offers, allowing you to send an enormous amount of WhatsApp messages to any WhatsApp number you choose. It can overload their inbox with so many messages that their WhatsApp or entire phone would crash completely. The catch here is that it could also crash your smartphone. Tip – Keep the WhatsApp messages in the range of 50-500 to avoid sending way too many requests.

Email Blast

The Email Blast feature is an add-on to the BOMBitUP feature list. It allows you to prank your friends by bombarding their inboxes with hundreds of spam emails. You can also use this feature for many other business-related purposes. For example, you can use this feature for your email marketing campaign to automate the email-sending process. It will save you time, resources, and effort, which can be used to accomplish other tasks that require manual attention.

Protection List

It offers an exciting feature called Protection List, which allows you to add your or your friend’s contact details to the spam protection list. This feature will add the details you have added to the blocklist so that nobody can spam your number or email using the app.

No Downtime

While it is mainly not a feature, it is something that sets BOMBitUP apart from its rivals. You can count on it for reliability and almost no downtime.

Free and Easy To Use

Being an open-source project, it is entirely free to use. It provides a straightforward, clean, and minimal UI requiring little to no technical knowledge.

Download BOMBitUP APK

Now that you know what BOMBitUP is and its core functionalities, you can download its latest version for Android devices by clicking on the download button below. Although the app’s installation process is relatively straightforward, we have noticed that people are having issues with it. Therefore, we have provided a step-by-step guide to installing it on your Android smartphone.

Steps to install the BOMBitUP on Android

Follow these simple steps to install the app on your Android device.

Step-1: First, download the latest version of the BOMBitUP Apk from the download section.

bombitup download

Step-2: Tap on the Apk file. If any prompt appears on your screen, select the install option.

Message Bomber

Step-3: Next, click on the install option again.

sms bomber

Step-4: That's it. The app will be installed on your device. Tap on the Open option to launch the application. It will ask for some permissions; allow them.

send bulk messages
call bomber

Step-5: It will ask you to accept the EULA and its terms and conditions. Accept them and then tap on the Finish button to complete the installation.


Step-6: Now that the app is launched, you can use it to pull pranks on your friends. That's it; this is how you can easily install and launch the app on your Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is BOMBitUP Apk Safe?

Yes, installing and using it to prank your friends online is entirely safe. We can firmly say this because the source code of the BOMBitUP is openly available on GitHub. This code has been tested by independent developers and testers multiple times for malware, viruses, and other security-related vulnerabilities. If you are a developer, you can test the code yourself. And if you are not a developer, you can go to any online virus testing service, such as VirusTotal, to test the Apk for any malware or virus-related threats.

Why is the BOMBitUP not available on the Google Play Store?

It is an SMS bomber; while the developer has designed it primarily for entertainment, it can be misused to harass or spam people. Besides, SMS bombers can send many messages that can potentially overload the cellular network, cause system crashes, and disrupt services for regular users. This doesn't sound ethically and morally correct, right? In their fundamental nature, SMS bombers go against the core principles and policies of the Google Play Store. As a result, Google doesn't allow or promote these applications on their platforms.

Who developed the BOMBitUP App?

While there is no explicit mention of the developer of BOMBitUP anywhere on the internet, the attribute to its development goes to a developer or a team of developers named RomReviewer.

What is BOMBitUP used for?

It can be used for various tasks, including SMS bombing, WhatsApp message bombing, email blasts, email marketing, protecting yourself against spam messages, etc.

Can my friends trace me if I use it to prank them?

There is no way your friends can trace you if you use BOMBitUP to prank them. The app functions anonymously, ensuring your privacy is completely safe.

How do I update the BOMBitUP App?

To keep the app updated, you need to bookmark this webpage. We regularly update this page with the latest version releases.

Are there any alternatives to BOMBitUP?

There are a couple of alternatives, but most of them are unreliable.

How does BOMBitUP help in bulk marketing?

It allows you to reach your customers directly by sending them regular messages about your businesses. This excellent marketing technique makes people aware of your business, ultimately helping you become a brand.


BOMBitUP is a very popular and well-known name for SMS bombing applications. It provides an easy and free way to prank your friends by sending them bulk SMS, calls, and emails. While the app is primarily developed for fun, use it carefully, as improper use could cause serious issues such as a complete system crash.

What users say about Our app

User Insights

It has been my favorite prank app for a while now. I use it to play harmless pranks on my friends and family. The best thing about this app is that it offers email blast and WhatsApp bomber features.

Jennifer Kramer

I have used several SMS bomber apps, but they aren't as good as BOMBitUP. You should use it for fun only. I like the regular updates from the app.

Timothy Kramer

I mostly use it for marketing purposes. Sometimes, I also pull pranks on my colleagues. I like the app's simple user interface.

Manuel Davis